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Ex-Shell, Schlumberger Rep Bags Well-Safe Team Lead Role

16 January 2022, 2:36pm
Davison has over 30 years of industry experience in a career as a geoscientist.
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Top Headlines: USA Gasoline Markets Point to Bad News for Biden and More

15 January 2022, 2:24pm
Check out some of Rigzone's top stories during the last week.
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Two rival players get green light for merger plans

15 January 2022, 10:33am
The Norwegian Competition Authority raises no objections to the business combination proposed by Maersk Drilling and Noble Corporation. The post Two rival players get green light for merger plans... ...
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Oil Up as Tightening Market Stands Up to Omicron

14 January 2022, 8:27pm
Oil posted a fourth straight weekly gain, the longest winning streak since October, on signs that the market is tightening as global consumption withstands the impact of the omicron virus variant.
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Canada to Face Challenge in Remaining Oil Power

14 January 2022, 7:59pm
Canada will face challenges, according to the International Energy Agency.
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Imperial to Market XTO Energy Canada Interests

14 January 2022, 6:00pm
A definitive decision to sell the assets has not been made.
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Diesel Markets Are Soaring

14 January 2022, 4:00pm
Diesel markets are jumping everywhere.
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COPL Makes Significant Wyoming Oil Find

14 January 2022, 3:30pm
Conventional light oil discoveries of this magnitude have been rare in continental North America.
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Traders Plow 500MM Barrels Back into Futures Market

14 January 2022, 3:00pm
Money is gushing back into oil.
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In focus: Net-zero future initiatives gathering momentum amid restrictions imposed by raging pandemic

14 January 2022, 3:00pm
Building a sustainable future in a pandemic-ridden world is no easy feat as it brings out many challenges to the fore, however, the energy and maritime industries have shown a great determination to... ...
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Crude Rally Stair-Steps Higher

14 January 2022, 2:13pm
Rigzone's regular market watchers look at the continuing rally in crude prices, Covid-19 developments, geopolitical factors and more.
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TotalEnergies adds extra Suriname well to Maersk rig’s backlog

14 January 2022, 2:00pm
TotalEnergies has decided to exercise its option for one additional well to be drilled by the Maersk Drilling-owned Maersk Valiant rig. The post TotalEnergies adds extra Suriname well to Maersk... ...
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Driven by robust offshore oil production, demand for shuttle tankers set to rise, Rystad says

14 January 2022, 1:30pm
Rystad's analysis shows offshore oil needs more shuttle tankers as volumes requiring transport set to rise by 35 per cent in this decade. The post Driven by robust offshore oil production, demand... ...
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Enauta Shuts Down Atlanta Field For Repairs – Again

14 January 2022, 1:26pm
Enauta has once again stopped production from the Atlanta field, this time for inspection and repair following a pipeline issue.
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EIA forecasts natural gas prices to remain near $4/MMBtu in 2022, slightly lower in 2023

14 January 2022, 1:00pm
In our January Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), we forecast that the natural gas spot price at the U.S. benchmark Henry Hub will average $3.79 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) in 2022, slightly less than its 2021 average of $3.91/MMBtu. Natural gas prices increased between March and early October 2021, but they declined in the last three months of the year. We expect natural gas prices to decline slightly in 2023, averaging $3.63/MMBtu, as growth in dry natural gas production outpaces growth in domestic demand and exports.
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Aker BP Under Fire Over Mandatory Covid Vaccination Plan

14 January 2022, 12:36pm
Aker BP received criticism over a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for its offshore employees from the offshore oil and gas workers union Industri Energi.
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Carnarvon on track with Buffalo drilling ops in Timor Sea

14 January 2022, 12:30pm
Carnarvon Energy has confirmed the drilling operations at its Buffalo-10 well, located offshore Timor-Leste, are progressing as scheduled. The post Carnarvon on track with Buffalo drilling ops in... ...
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NOIA sees Gulf Coast’s potential for global CCUS hub

14 January 2022, 11:39am
NOIA anticipates the Gulf Coast could turn into a global CCUS hub, positioning the emerging U.S. CCUS sector as a top-tier market player. The post NOIA sees Gulf Coast’s potential for global CCUS... ...
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India Oil Demand Recovery Poised to Weather Covid Comeback

14 January 2022, 10:55am
Authorities have so far refrained from instituting a nationwide lockdown.
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Aker Solutions appoints new exec while high demand spurs further headcount increase

14 January 2022, 10:24am
Aker Solutions has appointed a new senior vice president for communications as growing demand for services spurs further headcount increase. The post Aker Solutions appoints new exec while high... ...
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Prysmian to work on first Middle East subsea transmission system

14 January 2022, 10:04am
Prysmian has entered into a Limited Notice to Proceed (LNTP) for the supply of […] The post Prysmian to work on first Middle East subsea transmission system appeared first on Offshore Energy. ...
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French player and Identec get ‘remarkable results’ for pilot project involving Shell’s fleet

14 January 2022, 9:35am
Opsealog and Identec have teamed up to optimise vessel operations and carried out a successful pilot project with Shell’s fleet in Nigeria. The post French player and Identec get ‘remarkable... ...
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Altrad Completes Muehlhan Deal

14 January 2022, 9:23am
Altrad noted that the deal marks 'another exciting milestone' in its development.
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Petrobras Hires Trio Of Constellation Rigs

14 January 2022, 8:56am
Constellation Oil Services has won new contracts with compatriot oil major Petrobras for three of its rigs.
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Rex’s top-priority: increasing hydrocarbon production and reserves

14 January 2022, 8:50am
Rex described the previous year as transformational, revealing that its primary goal for the future is to increase production and reserves. The post Rex’s top-priority: increasing hydrocarbon... ...
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Shuttle Tanker Demand To Rise In Coming Years

14 January 2022, 8:13am
Demand for shuttle tankers will grow in the coming years, as produced volumes in need of transport rise to 3.3 billion barrels by 2030.
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Oil Steady Following Gains Amidst Persistent Demand and Lower Supply

13 January 2022, 9:07pm
Strong demand despite the Omicron variant have led to lower supplies that are buttressing oil prices.
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Day to Day Market for Physical Oil Cargoes is Booming

13 January 2022, 7:44pm
The world's physical oil market is running hot.
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API Issues Call to Action to Biden

13 January 2022, 6:45pm
American Petroleum Institute President and CEO Mike Sommers issued a call to action to President Biden.
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Commodity Trader King Eyes $200 Oil

13 January 2022, 4:29pm
King said oil could soon hit $100 and even $200 over the next five years.
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Libya Oil Output Rises to Almost 1MM Barrels Daily

13 January 2022, 3:48pm
Libya's daily output, which averaged 1.2 million barrels a day last year, fell to as low as 700,000 barrels.
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EIA forecasts crude oil prices will fall in 2022 and 2023

12 January 2022, 1:00pm
In our January 2022 Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), we forecast that crude oil prices will fall from 2021 levels. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the price of Brent crude oil, the international pricing benchmark, averaged $79 per barrel (b). We forecast that the price of Brent will average $75/b in 2022 and $68/b in 2023.
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Coal will account for 85% of U.S. electric generating capacity retirements in 2022

11 January 2022, 1:00pm
Operators have scheduled 14.9 gigawatts (GW) of electric generating capacity to retire in the United States during 2022, according to our latest inventory of electric generators. The majority of the scheduled retirements are coal-fired power plants (85%), followed by natural gas (8%) and nuclear (5%).
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Solar power will account for nearly half of new U.S. electric generating capacity in 2022

10 January 2022, 1:00pm
In 2022, we expect 46.1 gigawatts (GW) of new utility-scale electric generating capacity to be added to the U.S. power grid, according to our Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory. Almost half of the planned 2022 capacity additions are solar, followed by natural gas at 21% and wind at 17%.
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