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CGEF Membership 2021

Our vision is to promote Canadian participation in the international energy industry.

“Taking Canadian energy expertise and technology around the globe."

CGEF works for the benefit of Canadian companies operating or considering operating in the international energy industry. We would appreciate your company's participation and membership. Active participation helps to promote a network of companies and professionals that is mutually-beneficial to our members and the industry more broadly. It also supports CGEF in its efforts to promote Canadian participation in the international energy industry and the interests of our members.

CGEF is the only non-governmental Canadian not-for-profit organization fulfilling this role.

Benefits of CGEF Membership

Reduced Service During Coronavirus Pandemic:

The full networking benefits of membership that were available in prior years and were planned for the 2020 membership year were severely disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

After considering various factors including the health and safety of our members and guests, the CGEF Board cancelled all planned CGEF networking events from March, 2020 through at least yearend 2020, including our flagship annual conference that was scheduled for June 2020. Timing of a resumption of normal bi-monthly luncheon meetings can not be predicted with certainty but we are currently planning to re-start luncheons in Q2 2021 and to host our 2021 conference during the second half of year.

CGEF’s Board and various Committees are diligently working to try to continue providing services and support to our members and sponsors through:

  • Continuing the Global Opportunities program (including online reports promoting the industry)
  • Web-hosted seminars, some of which may be focused on best practises that member companies are adopting to survive the crisis.
  • When the situation allows, restarting our normal luncheon meetings and other networking events, and bringing back our annual conference.

Since many of our members are also severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, including the price war's impact on commodity prices and financial markets, CGEF took the extraordinary step of suspending membership fees for the 2020 year.

Business as Usual Benefits:

At the appropriate time, we will return to providing full services to our members as follows:

  • High-level networking opportunities
  • 4 CGEF Luncheon Meetings – 2 complementary invites to each
  • CGEF Annual Conference – 1 complementary registration
  • Reduced rates for additional attendees at luncheons, conferences, and other events
  • Invitations to all CGEF hosted and co-hosted international and domestic events, including one-off breakfast and social reception events, and webcasts
  • Access to “Members Area” on CGEF Website with presentation materials from conferences, luncheons, webinars, webcasts and other events
  • Global Connections with government agencies, state companies and international scout groups
  • Optional promotion of your company at events and in CGEF marketing materials

Networking Opportunities: CGEF helps establish and extend business and government networks. CGEF members are able to build relationships with their peers, domestic and foreign government representatives and other industry participants. Members are entitled to two attendees at each networking lunch, which are typically held at the Calgary Petroleum Club.

Government Connections: CGEF facilitates connections between members and domestic and foreign governments. This includes meeting and connecting with Canadian government representatives in countries of interest and introductions to foreign delegations seeking access to Canadian industry participants through presentations, events and conferences that CGEF hosts and attends.

International Intelligence: CGEF members have the benefit of first-hand information on international activities and opportunities through presentations from members, peers, service companies, financial institutions, investment banks, law firms, consultants, governments and guest speakers.

Company Promotion: CGEF offers members the opportunity to promote their companies on to industry participants and stakeholders in order to better position themselves to take advantage of opportunities and synergies.

Affiliated Associations: CGEF has relationships with worldwide industry organizations, research institutions and societies (e.g., AIPN, AAPG, PESGB, CSPG, CSUR, SEG, SPE, CEEC, EAGE, PSAC etc.). CGEF members often have access to preferential rates at affiliates' conferences, access to information provided by affiliates and joint networking events.

Conference: CGEF members are entitled to one delegate pass to the annual conference. The conference provides a great opportunity for establishing and deepening relationships and to gain insight into new developments, topics of interest and evolving opportunities.

First Port of Call: CGEF often acts as a focal point for foreign companies, governments, national energy companies and organizations wishing to meet potential partners, investors, clients and service providers.

Building Canada's Reputation: CGEF works to expand Canadian and international awareness of the capabilities of our industry and our reputation for leading technical, environmental, social and governance culture and ethical practices.

Low Annual Fees - $2,000 (with discounts for start ups and small producers, and an estimated 50% discount given in 2021 due to the continued delay of in-person events due to COVID).

We have specific Membership, Affiliation and Sponsorship Packages for International Members, Advisory Members and Individual Members as well as Sponsors and Affiliates. Please contact to discuss non-standard membership options, and to discuss sponsorship options.