International Business Development Strategy Summary



The Canadian Global Energy Forum (CGEF) is the only registered organization that serves and promotes Canadian junior and intermediate energy companies internationally. Our organization extends across Canada and includes 65 corporate, associate and individual members. CGEF facilitates cooperation between Canadian international energy companies, and associated equipment and services, through the promotion of Canadian energy and clean tech expertise and technology abroad and by seeking strategic opportunities for Canadian companies in CGEF's focused markets. CGEF supports its members and grows the energy industry by hosting and participating in events that drive business development and networking opportunities. Due to volatile oil, natural gas and other commodity prices, export constraints and declining domestic capital spending, Canadian energy companies see more opportunities internationally and as such, CGEF plays an important function throughout this process.

CGEF has quickly identified and embraced the new opportunities offered by the current energy transition as we approach 2050 net zero targets. We continue to expand our mandate and membership by including new and renewable energy sources while bringing environmental, social and governance (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) best practices and cross over technologies to the global stage.

CGEF is a 100% volunteer run organization and has over the course of its existence reached far beyond the Canadian borders to complete valuable projects include monthly webinars, Global Energy Show Markets (GESM) participation, Global Opportunities (GO) Report Series Project, annual conferences and participation at international events.

CGEF is driven to develop and maintain relationships that attract key people in foreign National Energy Companies (NECs) and regulatory agencies to become interested in, and to support, Canadian-based energy companies' ability to compete for opportunities in their host countries. It is worthwhile to note that the working board of directors and advisors (numbering ~15 at any given time) puts in about 1500 hours or 100 hours per person/year behind the scenes at a minimum and this doesn't include attendance at webinars, conferences and member meetings.

Realizing the dedication and reach of this small, focused group, one can see how impactful the work of CGEF is to develop CGEF's new international business activities which will further increase the capability awareness of the Canadian small medium enterprises (SMEs) in the energy and clean tech sectors. The CGEF team does this by identifying opportunities and challenges and introducing available resources including Export Development Canada (EDC), the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) and the provincial and federal governments, as well as foreign entities (industry and government). Over the past two years, CGEF has expanded its traditional activities to include more online content. CGEF now offers regular webinars and has provided access to the Global Opportunities (GO) Report series which highlights Canadian energy success stories and encourages SMEs to expand their business development internationally in conventional, as well as alternative energies and clean tech. Recorded CGEF conference sessions supply knowledge sharing and market insights to the public on CGEF's website.

CGEF continually interacts with members to better understand the locations of current operations and future areas of interest. Based on these conversations, CGEF's strategic focus will be on South and Central America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Mexico and Africa for the next three years. To raise CGEF's global awareness, CGEF plans to exhibit at a minimum of five trade shows in strategic locations identified as listed above. At these trade shows, we find a speaking opportunity, attend sessions and networking events, organize meetings with NECs and private operators and service companies to generate a large number of relevant business leads (bid rounds, open licensing policies, farm ins). Professional branding and marketing materials will be developed to promote the Canadian energy industry advantages as well as CGEF and its member companies when exhibiting at these international trade shows.

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