International Business Development Strategy Summary



The Canadian Global Exploration Forum (CGEF) is the only registered organization that serves and promotes Canadian Junior and Intermediate energy companies internationally. CGEF facilitates cooperation between Canadian international energy companies, and associated services, through the sharing of expertise, technology and international opportunities. CGEF supports its members and grows the energy industry by hosting and participating in events that fuel business development and networking opportunities while promoting best practices. Due to persistent low oil and natural gas prices and declining domestic capital spending, Canadian energy companies see more opportunities internationally and as such CGEF plays an important function throughout this process.

CGEF is driven to develop and maintain relationships that attract key people in foreign National Oil Companies (NOCs) and regulatory agencies to become interested in, and to support, Canadian-based energy companies' ability to compete for opportunities in their host countries. This document is part of CGEF's new international business development activities being undertaken in a strategic sector for the benefit of the entire energy industry. These initiatives will increase capacity building of the Canadian industry by identifying opportunities, challenges and introducing available resources through Export Development Canada (EDC), the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) and the provincial and federal governments.

Prior to the COVID-19 restrictions, we completed several member interviews to better understand locations of current operations and future areas of interest. Based on the results of these interviews, CGEF's focus will be on South and Central American, Eastern European, and Africa for the next three years. In order to accomplish a higher level of recognition, CGEF plans to exhibit in a minimum of three trade shows per year (virtually during 2021), including those offered in Brazil, Eastern Europe, Mexico and Africa. Professional branding and marketing materials will be developed to promote the Canadian energy industry as well as CGEF and its member companies when exhibiting at these international trade shows. Also, CGEF will host a one-day in-person conference in the Fall of 2021, pending COVID-19 restrictions. CGEF's 2020 annual conference was cancelled but in 2019, we hosted three international guests to speak at CGEF's annual conference. As this format appealed to the conference delegates, CGEF plans to again bring in three international speakers for CGEF's 2021 annual conference. CGEF has recently added free webinars featuring oil and gas opportunities in international locations, and will continue to co-host Country Markets, (now re-named Global Markets) presentations at the Global Energy Show {GES). The Global Opportunities (GO Program) will continue with the publication of Focus Reports #4 to #6 during 2021 to highlight Canadian Oil & Gas sector success stories and encourage Canadian companies to expand their businesses internationally.

Success will be measured by an increase in the number and activity of CGEF members, particularly with operations in focus & other countries, an increase in CGEF membership, and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with other associations {objectives: mutual support, exchange of information and common event organization, as well as increased attendance by foreign delegates and speakers at CGEF conferences). Success will also be determined by an increased number of qualified leads and increased number of Canadian firms introduced to targeted foreign markets which ultimately benefits the Canadian economy. Finally, a survey similar to the one referenced above, will provide additional measurements for success.

This IBD strategy was reviewed by the CGEF Board of Directors at a meeting held on December 15, 2020. It was approved by the Board of Directors by E-Ballot on December 31, 2020.

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