Message from the President


Canadian Global Exploration Forum   -   “Canada’s Global Energy Connection”

CGEF prides itself on being the ultimate networking machine; a volunteer run organization that advocates for Canadian international oil and gas companies working abroad. We facilitate communication amongst our member E&P companies, oilfield services, governments and academia, through the sharing of expertise, technology and opportunities. We utilize a variety of tools to achieve this, including bimonthly lunches, annual conferences, specialty conferences and industry socials.

Canada continues to be an industry leader in terms of regulatory reporting and disclosure, developing anticorruption laws and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and setting precedent on how Canadian companies operate in other countries. Additionally, Canadian companies have a wealth of industry experience – with over 545,000 wells drilled in the mature Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, we have one of the largest engineering and geoscience laboratories in the world. The technologies we employ for enhanced recovery, CO2 sequestration, directional and horizontal drilling, and reducing the environmental impact effect of oil and gas operations gives our Canadian international companies a competitive advantage in the international arena since many of these countries are still at the front end of exploitation.

So why would companies care to embark upon an international journey ? There are many reasons; these opportunities are not encumbered with some of the transportation and regulatory obstacles prevalent in our own domestic industry; they may also be ideal candidates for deploying new technologies and reservoir management practices developed here, and of course Brent pricing on production from many international locations

That said, operating in other countries comes with a different set of challenges, those that require all the right connections in order to navigate political, regulatory, fiscal and cultural differences. This is where CGEF and networking with other companies that have done this before, can be invaluable. Imagine the impact of increasing the recovery factor of a discovered and producing field by 5%, or 15%.

Our member companies currently have ongoing activities in over 20 different countries outside Canada and the US. They come to us from the more than 100, Canadian-based, internationally focused companies, that are either private or publicly traded. Our Leadership Team has had direct E&P experience in over 84 of the 105 oil and/or gas producing countries of the world, so its fair to say that our global footprint is everywhere you might like to be.


Thinking of Going Global? - Join us and make “OUR” network “YOUR” network...



Kevin Broger
CGEF  President