Message from the President


Canadian Global Energy Forum - "Canada's Global Energy Connection"

CGEF is Canada's premier connection for international energy networking, including hydrocarbons, alternative energy, and geo-resource development. As Canada's only registered organization that promotes Canadian international energy companies working abroad, CGEF has evolved into the ultimate global networking machine. As a volunteer organization with a far-ranging network, we advocate for Canadian international energy companies working anywhere in the world. We facilitate communication amongst our member companies, energy service providers, governments, and academia, through the sharing of expertise, technology, and opportunities. We utilize a variety of tools to achieve this, including bimonthly lunches, annual conferences, specialty conferences and industry socials.

It is no secret in the energy industry that Canada is widely recognized as a leader in terms of regulatory reporting and disclosure, developing anticorruption laws and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). These standards have influenced how Canadian companies operate in other countries and the regulators in those countries know and appreciate this. CGEF is often called upon to assist foreign governments in making connections to the Canadian energy industry and to make Canadian companies aware of international opportunities. The wealth of experience and technologies that Canadians bring to these international opportunities gives them a competitive advantage in the international arena, since many of these countries are still in the early stages of energy development.

As the world embraces a broader energy mix, more companies are embarking on an international energy journey. CGEF has expanded its footprint to include alternative energy and geo-resource companies, and similarly we assist them in looking for opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them. Whatever a company's objectives, CGEF is there to help them navigate the political, regulatory, fiscal, and cultural differences they may encounter, while also facilitating critical business connections. Wherever Canadian companies operate, they help to deploy many new technologies across a spectrum of energy projects around the world. This is where CGEF and networking with other companies that have done this before, can be invaluable. Imagine the impact of increasing recovery factors, gaining efficiency from new technology, or reducing project costs would have on project economics.

Our member companies currently have ongoing activities in over 20 different countries outside Canada and the US. They come to us from the more than 100, Canadian-based, internationally focused companies, that are either private or publicly traded. Our member companies will now increase as CGEF makes connections with a broader energy sector that includes geothermal, hydrogen, helium, lithium and virtually any geo-resource that occupies pore space. Our Leadership Team has had direct E&P experience in over 84 of the 105 oil and/or gas producing countries of the world, so its fair to say that our global footprint is everywhere you might like to be.


Let CGEF help you Go Global! - Join us and make "OUR" network "YOUR" network...



Marty Wittstrom
CGEF  President