2021 GO Project Summary

Taking Canada's Energy Sector to the World.

This event is a culmination of the Global Opportunities Program, a series of reports focusing on innovation and ideas for Canadian oil and gas companies considering investing internationally and to showcase Canadian exportable expertise.

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This recorded event provides a chance for energy industry participants to engage in an informative discussion on the potential for commercial energy projects headquartered in Canada but with international operations.

Welcome Address and Keynote Speaker

Leveraging the Canadian advantage to navigate the energy transition.

Session 1: International Success Stories

Success stories highlighting Canadian-based companies with successful international commercial ventures.

Session 2: Accessing International Opportunities

Resources and strategies for screening, identifying and securing profitable international ventures.

Keynote Speaker: Jarand Rystad

Global Opportunities Conventional and Emerging Energy Expertise in a World of Transition.

Session 3: Funding International Opportunities

Discussion around sourcing and attracting capital for Canadian companies looking to start/move/expand overseas business.

Session 4: Canada's Role in Shaping the Global Energy Future

Emerging opportunities for Canadian energy companies to leverage their human resources, technologies, environmental best practices and regulatory best practices, around the world.